Notice (please login the eStudent for details, if applicable)

  • Class Timetable for Semester 2 of 2015-16

    Students can enquire the 2015-16 class timetables for Semester 2 and Summer Term starting from 26 November 2015. (Please refer to Notice to Students for details.)

  • Subject Registration for 2015-16 Semester 2

    For Students of Part-time, Mixed-mode Full-time & Mixed-mode Part-time Programmes (except Programme 05001) and Students of Programme 44087-ISS, please click here for details of Subject Registration arrangement.

  • Examination Timetable for Semester One of 2015-16

    The examination timetable for Semester 1 of 2015-16 will be available for students' checking starting from 23 October 2015 (6:00 p.m.).

  • Application for MTR Student Travel Scheme, 2015-16

    Please click here for details.

  • Renewal of Student Identity Card (Semester 1 of 2015-16)

    For current students who are required to renew the Student Identity Card in Semester 1 of 2015-16, please click here for more details.